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Great Trip, a solid month of a completely different reality is always a joy. It was hot and gross work but fun. For me it was a victory lap to see how the birds have recovered post-cats, but it was about the rat eradication, and a half hour before we were to leave, someone showed up with a dead baby rat. so we left with an ambiguous outcome...but no rats have been seen since and we're hoping this was a Dead Rat Walking
WAKE ATOLL at landing timeWake AtollLou Hitchcock- 39 consequtive years at Wake.Colonel Burk, Major Van Gelder and Lt. WoodyPon, Po and Capt. JillRat Team OneColleen and Leona@ Ioke beachhouseLeona LaniaweThai WatLotusKissing White Ternstouching billsBaby White TernWhite-tailed Tropicbird flies over the moonWhite-tailed Tropicbird