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I rented a 600 mm f-4, $10,000 telephoto and with Steve Zamek we did it right. We waited weeks for the weather to warm, drove 300 miles, checked out the rock blind in daylight, and awoke at 3:30 am, arrived at the area by 4:30, carried a 40 pound pack in a mile, set up the bad boy (not Steve-the 600mm lens) and waited in the dark. Soon we heard them fly in and the plopping began in the minutes before first light. For three hours a dozen Sage Grouse males danced and fought nicely for the favors of 2 shy females while we clicked away. By 8:30 the last sage grouse left and we uncurled the numb limbs for a high five after an incredible experience.
Steve Zamek in stone blind after shootingMe in blind post shooting with camoSage Grouse lek in extreme left cornerPronghorn herd (Antilocapra americana)antelope lopingantelope and grouse, sagelandsage grouse-male on lekGreater Sage Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) males at lek